Elon attempts to boost his live streaming numbers by adding gaming to X

In a move as unpredictable as a Tesla on Autopilot, Elon Musk, the man who once sold flamethrowers for fun, has dived headfirst into the world of video gaming. The billionaire, better known for shooting cars into space than shooting virtual demons, recently flexed his gaming “skills” on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Some say it’s his midlife crisis; others believe he’s just leveling up.

From Rockets to Role-Playing

For his grand gaming debut, Musk didn’t pick just any game. He went for ‘Diablo 4’, a choice as dark and mysterious as his tweets. Sources claim he found the game’s dungeons slightly less complicated than a SpaceX launch. “It’s a different beast,” Musk supposedly said, “At least in Diablo, when I fail, I can just respawn. If only rockets worked that way.” And his in-game name? “Rampaging Goat.” Perhaps a nod to his ambition to be the G.O.A.T. in yet another field?

42 Million Views: Because Why Not?

Musk’s gaming video, cheekily titled “Billionaire Tries Gaming,” has raked in a jaw-dropping 42 million views. Insiders joke that half of those were probably SpaceX and Tesla interns, curious to see if their fearless leader was as adept with a controller as he is with a rocket. The other half? Probably just people waiting to see him fail epically.

Silencing the Critics, Musk-Style

In a move that’s so very Elon, X now allows streamers to limit comments to subscribers only. While it might seem like a feature for enhancing user engagement, the rumor mill suggests it’s Musk’s latest invention: the “Hater Shield.” A tech insider quipped, “Why face criticism when you can just mute it? Classic Elon. Next, he’ll launch a satellite to block out negative vibes.”

Gaming: Musk’s New Playground?

While the world waits for Musk’s next big move—be it colonizing Mars or making a flying Tesla—it seems he’s momentarily distracted by the siren call of gaming. The choice of “Rampaging Goat” as his gaming alias has the internet in splits, with memes galore speculating its origin.

Wrapping Up

As the lines between reality and satire blur, one thing’s for sure: Musk is having a blast, and we’re all just along for the wild ride. Whether he’s genuinely into gaming or just trolling us all, Musk sure knows how to keep things interesting.

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