Man Claims E3 Cancellation Has Given Him ‘Time to Reflect’, Still Spends 18 Hours a Day Gaming

Mans surfs the the web in a yellow hoodie

In the wake of the recent cancellation of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), many in the gaming community have been left pondering their next moves. Among them is 28-year-old Alex Martin, who, in an exclusive interview, shared his deep reflections on life without the beloved event and his subsequent decisions. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Martin’s soul-searching journey led him right back to his gaming chair.

“I really thought this would be a turning point for me,” Martin said, staring wistfully at his impressive, yet now slightly redundant, collection of E3 memorabilia. “I figured, ‘Hey, no E3, time to explore new horizons.’ But after some intense contemplation, which lasted about the duration of a coffee break, I realized my true calling: to continue my 14th playthrough of the witcher 3”

Despite the potential for newfound freedom, Martin admits that his daily routine remains largely unchanged. “I guess some would say I should use this time to learn a new skill, maybe pick up knitting or finally start that podcast about retro games. But honestly, I’ve found great comfort in the familiar glow of my triple-monitor setup.”

Martin’s mother, Susan, who had initially celebrated the news of E3’s cancellation, hoping her son would venture into new pursuits or, at the very least, fix the squeaky door in the living room, expressed her mild disappointment. “I had high hopes that Alex would use this time to explore new interests. Maybe even go on a date. But he just keeps gaming. His bed sores are getting worse, as is the smell.'”

Having doubled down on gaming time, Martin has taken to wearing an adult diaper whilst gaming, stating, “It’s all about efficiency – If I take bathroom breaks then I’m wasting my time.

As the gaming community continues to grapple with the loss of their annual pilgrimage, stories like Martin’s serve as a reminder of the resilience and adaptability of gamers. “E3 was like Christmas for us gamers,” Martin said, pausing his game for a rare moment of reflection. “But I’ve got my games, my chair, and my diapers Life goes on, one level at a time.”

In the absence of E3, Martin and countless others like him are finding solace in the familiar worlds contained within their consoles and computers, proving that even in the face of change, some habits die hard, if at all.

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